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A Little History

Brittany drove her first go kart when she was 5 years old at Story Book Gardens in London Ontario. This planted the seed for what was to follow.

In 2006, Brittany started her racing career when she was 10 years old. She entered into the Canadian Rookie Karting Series in Hamilton, driving an F1-K Honda powered go kart. This is a driver training series where she was one of the few female drivers racing against males. Brittany ended her rookie season 8th in points. Brittany loves competing in this male dominated sport.

In 2007, she began to find her winning ways. After attending the Robert Wickens Racing School, Brittany ended the season with 6 wins, 3 seconds and 3 third place finishes. She then won the 2007 Canadian Rookie Karting Series Championship. Brittany was asked to become a driver for the 2008 Canadian National CRG Racing Team under a scholarship. Brittany joined Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving. Thru her racing, she is helping to raise awareness of the dangers involved with impaired driving, distracted driving and street racing.

In 2008, Brittany began driving for the National Team in Hamilton. She gained the respect of the other drivers and fans, both on and off the track. Brittany was fortunate to meet and talk with her racing heroes, Indy Car driver Danica Patrick and Nascar driver Tony Stewart. She ended the season in the top ten in points.

In 2009, at the age of 13, Brittany made the switch from open wheel racing to stock cars. Racing at Delaware Speedway in the senior division of the Krown Body Maintenance Junior Racing League Series, driving the #14 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. With an exciting season full of learning curves and major changes Brittany ended the season with rookie of the year in the senior division and 7th place in the championship.

In 2010, Brittany started her 2nd year at Delaware. This year would prove to be more challenging than the first. The speed ratio between top drivers was intensely close and competition was high as well as the challenge of moving through the field to the front. With 3 wins and many good finishes Brittany rolled into the championship race in 7th place due to a broken drive chain the week before. With a great finish that night she came in 4th in the championship and 3rd in the classroom points.

The 2011 season had its shares of ups and downs but it was an amazing year over all. The highs of 5 feature wins to the lows of flipping and rolling the car. Some really close competition this year proved to be the most intense season yet. It was a close battle going into the championship night, only 2 points separating Brittany and the other contender. Hoping for Mother Nature to hold off on the rain, the races began. Finishing 3rd in the heat race and having a crazy feature race made for a nervous night, but she caught a few lucky breaks and finished 1st in the championship by only 3 points. It was a really fun season and she hopes for a great 2012 season.

The 2012 season proved to be a challenging year. Coming off of the championship the year before there was a lot of high hopes for another good year. However after being involved in a few major wrecks early in the year it would be a struggle to get back up in the points. With a late season push and some heat wins Brittany started to climb up in the standings. By the end of the year Brittany had finished 4th, one point out of 3rd place. After the season ender, she decided to stop racing in the Junior Racing League so she could focus on her new ride; a Super Stock for the Friday night programs at Delaware Speedway.

For the 2013 season, Brittany was adjusting to the new Super Stock and learning the ropes for full size racing. Throughout the year she spent a lot of time practicing and running a part time schedule to get used to the racing format of the Friday night programs.

In 2014, Brittany started her first full year in the Super Stock division. Taking the big step up from the JCARs proved to be a challenge but, after a lot of work and seat time over the year she was able to start moving up in the points. By the end of the season the 14 car had come in 14th in the points for the rookie season. Looking forward to the next year, upgrading to a new car with a fiberglass body will be in store for the following season.

In 2015, Brittany will be starting her second full year in the Superstock series. This year will be full of a lot of learning and great adventures with the new chassis and body.